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Installation Method

  • Base mounted type
  • Building top mounted type
  • Double pillar type
  • Floor mounted type
  • Hanging type
  • Inlaid type
  • Single pillar type
  • Wall mounted type

Quality Assurance

In order to provide superior products, we have established two complete production flows and a strict quality inspection system.

Production Flow for Indoor LED Display
Material requisition – component drying – SMT placement – reflow soldering – PCB inspection – post-soldering – PCB testing – PCB rechecking – PCB aging test – conformal coating – module frame installation – LED cover installation – inspection – module assembling – cabinet processing – cabinet connecting – screen aging test – packing

Production Flow for Outdoor LED Display
Material requisition – LED lamp mixing – LED lamp inserting – PCB inspection – wave soldering – PCB inspection – driving PCB requisition – component drying – SMD placement of driving PCB – reflow soldering – PCB inspection – driving PCB soldering – testing – lamp PCB soldering – PCB checking - conformal coating – module frame installation – module shaping – module inspection – aging test – silicon injection – LED cover installation – cabinet processing – locking modules – cabinet connecting - screen aging test – packing

Quality Inspection Flow
Incoming inspection – module inspection – module aging test – incoming inspection for cabinet – cabinet aging test – cabinet testing – waterproof property testing for outdoor LED display – vibration testing – white balance testing – finished product inspection – final inspection before storage


1. Before-Sales Service
If requested by customers, some professional engineers will go to the final installation place to carry out an on-site investigation, and then propose a reasonable solution according to the actual working environment and desired visual effect.

2. During-Sales Service
After aging test, our client could send technicians that have some knowledge on electronics technology and computer science to our company to receive training courses. This service is completely free, and the courses are mainly focused on how to use, maintain and repair our products.

On the other hand, if customers have difficulty during installation, our professional engineers will visit the working site to guide installation and testing processes until desired performance is acquired.

3. After-Sales Service
Our product comes with a two year warranty, and we will solve all the quality problems free of charge if there are any within this period. Under the condition that a quality problem occurs, please send us relevant information and we will offer a solution within 24 hours. If an on-site inspection is necessary, our client only needs to pay the board and lodging expenses without worrying about the cost for spare parts.

When the warranty period expires, we will offer accessories and maintenance service at a reasonable price.